4 BIG Problems with Sundance Spas

4 BIG Problems with Sundance Spas

I share my office with Eric, who is our technical lead.  All day long, he’s on his speaker phone, talking to our technicians out in the field, making orders for parts, and talking with customers about what repairs are needed for their hot tubs or pools.  We get TONS of calls, many of which we can’t help….because we are not the dealer for the tub in question.

We are a Sundance Spa dealer, and proud of it.  We’ve worked with many hot tub brands over the years, and went with this one for a reason–it’s the best.  Now, you came here to hear about problems, so let’s go over those!  I actually had to do quite a bit of online research for this, so strap in!

1. LEAKS!  I’ve read a bunch about leaking issues in Sundance Spas.  Well…ones from 1994.  If your 1994 Sundance Spa is finally leaking…I really wouldn’t count that as a problem.  I’d be very happy if something I spent good money on almost 20 years ago was still up, running, and providing me with entertainment and therapy.  In general, the only leaks we repair on newer Sundance Spas are ones that were caused by improper winterization.  If you leave water in the lines when you shutdown your spa over the winter, you will have very predictable problems…with ANY brand of hot tub.

2.  Problems with Electronics.   I have read quite a few complaints about circuit boards failing after 5 or six years.  Personally, I find that to be pretty exceptional.  How many appliances in your home put wires, connections, computer parts, right next to hot steaming water, chemicals, and condensation….and are just fine for 5-6 years?  To me, this says excellent craftsmanship and the kind of repairs you would EXPECT to do on a long term appliance or product.

3.  Customer Service/Warranty.  Sundance Spas has been around for 32 years and their warranty covers pretty much everything on the spa, 5 years parts and labor, and 10 years on the shell!  So, it always surprises me when I hear something negative about the spa brand being associated with bad warranty or customer service.  I will tell you right now, the Sundance Spas company is very helpful and reliable.  If you see bad reviews, I would question whether the issue came from Sundance or from someone’s local dealer.  Here at Central Iowa Pool & Spa, we’ve been servicing, selling, and helping the Des Moines area for over 15 years.  We take pride in our work, our product, and our service.  You won’t hear those complaints from OUR customers, and you won’t be making them yourself.

4. So NOISY!  I have to laugh when I read these complaints online.  Our jets are noisy.  Well…yes, I suppose.  We’ve got a  couple of high powered pumps pushing water through creatively designed jets, possibly up to 74 in your hot tub….that WOULD make some noise, I suppose.  If you want a hot tub that is noise free, I recommend you just fill up your bath tub and soak in that, really.  A hot tub is meant to have jets, and for therapy, the water needs to have some pressure behind it!  That is going to make some noise, no matter what hot tub brand.  That said, if you want a more relaxing, conversational time in your tub, there are many controls within a hands reach that you can use to lower the water pressure and therefore reduce the noise that is surrounding you.  🙂


I refer to this often, but purchasing and owning a hot tub is a lot like looking for or owning a new car.  The oil will need changed, you’ll need to replace the tires eventually, new spark plugs, new wiper blades, new brakes….we accept that as common repairs and maintenance, but people seem to expect that a hot tub with motors, heaters, circuit boards, etc, just won’t need any maintenance or repairs.  It’s not true, and it doesn’t make any sense to think that way.

Just like a car, think about having a technician come out and check things over for you once a year or so.  Perhaps in the fall, to prep for winter.  Like the furnace in your home, have it checked before you need it and before an electrical failure could cause a larger problem.  You wouldn’t purchase a car from a dealer you didn’t trust, so make sure you trust and respect your spa dealer as well.  If you maintain your spa and keep your chemicals balanced, hopefully in 20 years all you’ll have to complain about is needing to replace a rubber hose that is leaking, too.  🙂

Any questions or comments?  Just ask!

–Jen Allen

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3 Responses to “4 BIG Problems with Sundance Spas”

  1. Pete Scott

    2006 Sundance Burlington I have replaced a contol panel for the forth year
    in a row. never within 12 mo warranty period. Ushally occurs after 13 months
    Im ready to ditch this tub.A huge pain in the **s

    • Jen

      That is a very odd problem! Would you consider calling us so that we can learn more about your issue? Mike would be a great person to talk to with many years experience and would love to ask you some questions to find out what the real problem is. –Jen

      • Jen

        Also wondering whether it’s your upper or lower control panel?

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