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Billiard Accessories

No need to dart around in search of furniture or accessories! We have the best right here. So while perfecting your game, team up with these assets along the way!

Dining Table TopDon’t let space go to waste! Quickly turn your table into an elegant dining table or buffet top. Protect the top also with a dining top storage bag.

Table Tennis Top: Be known as the top recreational place to be in your neighborhood. Uniquely switch your pool table into a table tennis with a clip on net. Paddles and balls included.

Billiard Cues: The third most important part of the game (after a table and balls) is having a good cue!  We have you covered with cues from Viking, McDermott, and Scorian in all price ranges.

Centennial Pocket balls that are ground and polished to exact radial tolerances for absolute accurate roll and with numbers/colors that will not rub off or fade.

Billiard Ball Polish keep that keeps balls clean, polish and static free.

Centennial Cloth: 100% woven wool imbedded in DuFont Teflon that offering superior fabric protection against occasional unwanted spills.

Contender woolen cloth: Provides a smooth as well as bump free surface for accurate ball roll and playability.

Chalk it up in style… we have chalk in either green or blue. Available in 12 or 144 piece set.

Cue Racks: Store your cues in style!

Other Billiard Accessories: table covers, junior cues, playbooks, 9-ball racks, cue tips and much more!

Table Tennis: nets and paddles

Instructional books and DVDs for games

Replacement parts: contact us for more information!