19th Annual Early Bird Sale!!

It’s that time of year again! Come in to our 19th Annual Early Bird Sale starting March 26th – April 4th! Save big on chemicals for the season! Needing any new nets, poles, or maintenance equipment? You can save up … Continued

I am a Pool Geek.

I am a Pool Geek. There.  I’ve said it. And it’s true!  When I see a pool, or a water sample, I immerse myself in the world of that pool!  I want to know its history, the set-up, I want … Continued

How Do I Clear Up my Pool Water?

“Oh, no….  Really?” That”s almost always the thought that runs through my head when I see a pool looking a little hazy…or downright cloudy.  Instantly I”m grabbing all of my testing supplies and checking to see what the problem could … Continued

How, Why, and When to Clean your Pool Filter

Your filter system is the heart and soul of your pool.  When it’s working well, it’s much easier to have the beautiful clean, clear, and safe pool water that we all desire.  When your filter is dirty, you may find … Continued

How Do I Open my Swimming Pool?

We’ve had an AMAZING start to spring here in Iowa, and it has many of us thinking about opening our pools!  In fact, we opened our pools at the store a few days ago–it was so nice to get to … Continued

When Should I Open my Swimming Pool?

It’s getting to be that time of year when people start wondering about opening their pool.  Whether you have an above ground pool or an inground pool, it’s an important thing to consider!  Living in Iowa like many of us … Continued

4 BIG Problems with Sundance Spas

4 BIG Problems with Sundance Spas I share my office with Eric, who is our technical lead.  All day long, he’s on his speaker phone, talking to our technicians out in the field, making orders for parts, and talking with … Continued

What is this FLO error on my Sundance Spa?

What is this FLO error on my Sundance Spa? I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!  We’re enjoying shorter hours in the store this week to help celebrate, but I’m finding more and more time to write!  Today’s subject:  FLO error. … Continued