Sundance Spa Truckload Sale Commercial!

Sundance Spa Truckload Sales Event going on April 25th- 27th! Come check out our Truckload sales event and receive great discounts on all models! Just look for the Big Duck and that is where you will find the deals! Tweet

Sundance ClearRAY System – UV for your Spa!

Check out the full article from the Sundance Spas website here:  ClearRAY. To learn more about the CLEARRAY advanced water purification system, download a FREE Sundance Spas brochure. The CLEARRAY system uses UV-C technology to neutralize 99.9% of waterborne pathogens … Continued

What to Look for in a New Hot Tub or Spa

What to Look for in a New Hot Tub or Spa When you’re looking for your first hot tub, the challenge can be daunting.  It’s hard to tell the difference between quality by just looking at them sometimes, and every … Continued

We Have the Best Hot Tubs in Iowa.

We have the best hot tubs in Iowa. I say this, because I believe it, and I’ve seen it time and time again. They are beautiful, have features unavailable anywhere else, deliver the BEST massage and hydrotherapy, are easy to … Continued

Does it Matter Where I buy my Pool and Spa Chemicals?

I, very obviously, work in a pool and spa store where we sell, among other things, chemicals.  In doing research over the internet, it’s pretty easy to see pool stores getting a bad reputation for having EXPENSIVE chemicals.  We hear … Continued

4 BIG Problems with Sundance Spas

4 BIG Problems with Sundance Spas I share my office with Eric, who is our technical lead.  All day long, he’s on his speaker phone, talking to our technicians out in the field, making orders for parts, and talking with … Continued

What is this FLO error on my Sundance Spa?

What is this FLO error on my Sundance Spa? I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!  We’re enjoying shorter hours in the store this week to help celebrate, but I’m finding more and more time to write!  Today’s subject:  FLO error. … Continued

Problems with Salt Water Systems for Hot Tubs

It’s become all the rage, in recent years, to add salt water systems to pools and now: hot tubs!  Customers and clients ask about them all the time.  Personally, I enjoy them on a swimming pool and have had a … Continued