We are the proud home of Brunswick tables in Central Iowa!

Game time? Brunswick pool table brings a whole new level of game to the table. After all, there is no playing around. Rules are rules. If you’re going to play your best, you deserve the best of the best. Brunswick Billiards has connected generations around the world for more than 165 years and has 12 unique features that set them apart from other tables. Why Brunswick?

  • Super Speed Cushion rubber along each side of the table provides controlled ball penetration and greater accuracy in rebounding allowing optimized playability.
  • All solid wood materials are kiln-dried, stained, and sealed to keep moisture out to provide lifetime durability
  • Every table slate is quality certified to provide lifetime playability by being checked for flatness on top and bottom AT LEAST 4 times as well as being leveled to within ten thousand of an inch to ensure stability and precision.

Brunswick offers a wide selection and great values across the board, from entry level pool tables to heirloom level pool tables, though each and every single one is made to be passed through the generations.

Central Iowa Pool & Spa is the exclusive Brunswick dealer for Central Iowa. Tables have the ability to be customized and are backed with a lifetime warranty whether they are used for profession or recreational use. What do you have to lose? Step up, play your game and not only see but feel the difference. Ready, set, break!

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