What is this FLO error on my Sundance Spa?

What is this FLO error on my Sundance Spa?

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!  We’re enjoying shorter hours in the store this week to help celebrate, but I’m finding more and more time to write!  Today’s subject:  FLO error.

Our technical team gets quite a few calls through the year on this.  “My display is flashing ‘FLO.’  What’s that mean?”  There are a number of things it could be indicating.  Some of them are simple, and you can take care of them yourself!  Some of them may require a skilled technician to come out and work on your spa for you.

1. The first thing to do if you have a FLO error is to remove your filter and clean it.  A FLO error is going to indicate something is wrong with your circulation system, so start with the simplest problem: your filter.  Even if you think it should be fine, give it a try.  Sometimes we can’t see the problem with our eyes.

2.  If that doesn’t work, you can try cleaning and refilling your hot tub, as there may be a calcium build-up in the lines of your spa, causing slow water flow.  (This is part of why we encourage use of a stain and scale product.)  BEFORE you empty the tub, use a cleaner such as Spa Purge or Aqua Finnesse Spa Clean tablet.  Let it run for 20 minutes or longer with all of your jets running and the filter removed–this should go a long ways towards dissolving any gunk and build-up in your tubes and filter system.  Drain, refill.

Still have the FLO error?  If it’s still there, it’s time to call a technician.  This could indicate that there is something more extensive wrong, though it could still be a fairly easy, inexpensive fix, such as:

3.  Flo Switch/Sensor
4. Circulation Pump
5. Circuit Board

The only way to really be sure of those things is to have one of our certified technicians out to run some tests and diagnose what’s wrong.  Then, they’ll have you fixed up and soaking in hot water again in no time.

Any questions or comments?  Just ask!

–Jen Allen

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