Help! Watchdog error on Sundance Spa —- Four Dashes

Sundance Spa Watchdog Error You went out to your Sundance Spa and you see that it’s not working and the display panel shows “—-“.  This is the Watchdog error.  What’s that mean?  What do you do now?  I’ve got some answers!

Most of the time, you ARE going to need to call a technician.  BEFORE you do that, though, the best thing to do is shut off all power to your hot tub and give it at least 15 minutes for everything to reset.  Go do that now, if you’re having this problem, then read on!

Alright.  What causes the Watchdog error?  MOST of the time, this is caused by a faulty temp sensor or flow switch, possibly a circuit board.  On very rare occasions it could be the control panel or a transformer.  It could also just be a power spike, which is why we want to give it a chance to reset before you call anyone out to work on it.

If it is the temp sensor or the flow switch, it will be fairly quick and inexpensive to replace, and those are the most common problems.  A Sundance Certified Technician won’t have any problem replacing the faulty parts and getting you quickly back to enjoying your hot tub.  When they come out, they will test different jumpers on your circuit panel to diagnose which component of your spa needs replaced.

Now that you know more about the Watchdog Error on Sundance Spas, go ahead and try powering your spa on again (as long as it’s been at least 15 minutes) and see how it does!  If it’s working like normal again, don’t worry about it.  If it goes into Watchdog again, call your local service tech–and don’t worry about it!

Thanks for reading!

Jen Allen
Central Iowa Pool & Spa

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