I am a Pool Geek.

I am a Pool Geek.

There.  I’ve said it.

And it’s true!  When I see a pool, or a water sample, I immerse myself in the world of that pool!  I want to know its history, the set-up, I want to explore all the individual properties of that water and discover why it’s so beautifully clear…or why it is NOT.

When you can look at a pool of water and see it not as an object, but as a living environment, because it really is!  Your water changes with the weather, with heat and cold, rain and dry-spells.  Every change that happens NEAR your water can affect the water itself!  Do you use fertilizers or pesticides in your yard?  Undoubtedly–those end up in your water.  If it’s been very hot, or more people have been swimming than usual, or it has rained a lot, or any number of other things…your normal routine may need adjusted!

During this hot year we’ve been having, a lot of the pools I have been taking care of have needed shocked twice a week to keep them happy.  It’s not what would normally be needed, but I’ve been watching and reading the water, and I know that if I shock it twice a week, our chlorine levels stay steady and our water stays safe and happy.  If I shock it only once, we may get haziness pretty quickly, or even slip into a demand situation.

I’ve also got to mention, with this heat, that algae has been though the ROOF from what I’ve seen!  Optimizer has been my pal this year–it’s really helped to keep the algae growth at a minimum, and it’s keeping the water softer, prettier, and more stable, too.  If you’ve been battling algae, whether it be green or mustard or any other variety, BioGuard’s Optimizer may really help your situation.  I’ve also used an extra dose of algaecide every now and again, deciding when to do so by just keeping an eye on the water.

One good thing to keep in mind–if what you’re doing isn’t working…try something different!  Sometimes we’ve got to think outside the box and try some new things.  Using Optimizer is new for me this year, though others have been using it for a long time.  Another new thing I’ve been working with is Natural Result, which is an enzyme based solution–I LOVE it!  Cuts down on scum lines, gets rid of a lot of the organic waste in your water that normally eats up your chlorine, and just feels good to use.

So, yeah….I’m Jen, and I’m a Pool Geek.  A lot of us are.   If you’re having an issue with your pool water, feel free to bring some in and ask us to geek out on it for you.  Feel free to EMAIL me any direct questions, or set up a time when I can be in the store to talk with you about your water.  Feel free to bring photos and water samples and whatever you think may help us understand your pool the best.  Also–please tell us what you normally do to take care of your pool–it helps us a lot to know those things!

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