Importance of Proper Pool Chemistry


The most often heard myth of owning a pool is that once opened, cleaned, and balanced, your pool should stay clear for the rest of the summer, right?! If it were that easy we here at CIPS we would have saved a lot of time spent in chemical training classes! To keep a sparkling pool, you must learn to properly maintain the water balance, as well as keep the filtration system running and working in pristine condition!

Unfortunately there are a number of problems that can occur within our pools due to improper water care including (but not limited too) algae growth, cloudiness, scale build up, eye/skin irritation, etc. With the knowledge of chemical use you will always be able to troubleshoot and fix water problems! Here at CIPS we live by our Bioguard products, and the 3-Step System Bioguard has created.

The first step in any pool care system is always going to be Sanitation. A Sanitizer is used to maintain safe and clean swimming water, kill any bacteria present, and stop algae growth.

The second step to healthy water is going to be Oxidation. Oxidizers, also known as shock, are used to chemically destroy organic contaminants, and help restore water clarity.

The third step we believe in is Algae Prevention. Algicides are needed for proper pool maintenance. Sanitizers and Shocks do not always keep algae growth at bay. Using algicide as a method of prevention is necessary again to maintain safe and clean swimming water for you, your family, and your pool guests.

Without realizing it pool owners’ troubles can also come from unbalanced, PH, alkalinity, and calcium levels. High levels of these three components can cause cloudiness and scale formation. On the other end, low levels of these can cause the water to become acidic, resulting in skin/eye irritation to swimmers, and overall bather discomfort.

To maintain a comfortable swimming environment it is suggested to test and balance out your pool water AT LEAST once a month, and we are here to help you along the way!


If you have any more questions you can always email, call or even come in and see us in the water lab here at the store!

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