Semi-In Ground: Radiant Pools

Central Iowa Pool & Spa is excited to introduce the Radiant Metric Pool System to our lineup. The Radiant Metric Pool System is unique in the fact that in can be installed above ground or semi-inground.

Made from 2” rigid Expanded Polystyrene bonded between durable acrylic coated aluminum, the Radiant wall panels will never rust, warp, or crack. This patented boding process creates a solid insulated wall that is stronger than steel, polymer, and 12” concrete.

Round Pools

Round Pool Sizes Available: 16′, 18′, 27′, and 30′ Pools.

Oval Pools

Oval Pool Sizes Available: 12’x16′ Oval, 12’x20′ Oval, 12’x24′ Oval, 16’x24′ Oval, 16’x28′ Oval, and 16’x32′ Oval Pools.

Freeform Pools

Freeform Sizes Available: 14’x22′ Freeform, 16’x28′ Freeform, and 18’x32′ Freeform