Spa Frequently Asked Questions

No matter which spa you choose know that day in and day out, a Sundance Spa will give you a place to gather with family and friends. Taking a daily hydrotherapy break can help you manage stress, feel healthier, and sleep better. And with innovative, energy saving features built into every model, you can feel good about using your Sundance Spas hot tub every day.

How do I keep the water clean?

With the amazing filtering systems on Sundance Spas, your job is easy. MicroClean filtration systems do most of the work for you.  2012 models also come standard with the new ClearRay System, which uses UV-C light to kill 99% of the bacteria in your water.  Then, by using one of our Bioguard or AquaFinesse systems to keep your water sanitized (using minerals, chlorine, bromine, or a biguanide), we’ll help keep your job simple.

How big is the spa’s filter?

The spas filter size is usually given in square feet. As a general rule, bigger is better when it comes to filters. If the filter is too small for the volume of water, you will have to drain and clean the spa much more frequently. Our MicroClean filters have many dense layers, adding to their efficiency, and is the only one FDA and NSF approved!

Is the spa full foam insulated?

Our spas are full foam insulated, and we like it for a number of reasons!  One: it increases the energy efficiency, meaning lower electric bills for you. Two: the insulation helps hold all the hoses and pieces steady, cutting down on the need for repairs, as well as the sound and vibration of the motors!  The way all the equipment is arranged, the foam insulation does not hinder any maintenance or repairs.

What about warranty?

We have a great warranty on our products because we have great products!  Most spas have a 5 year parts and labor warranty, up to 10 on the shell itself!  We believe in our spas, we believe in our ability to educate our customers on great care of their spas, and that allows us to provide great warranties and great service!

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the combined effect of heat, massage and buoyancy. Hydrotherapy is widely recognized as an effective method of alleviating the tension commonly associated with stress.  You can get a full body massage in a spa, especially with our Accu-Ssage Therapy Seat.  The jets are all arranged to soothe your accupressure points, and when you combine the Aromatherapy and Chromatherapy, you are sure to relieve your stress!

How many of the spas jets are adjustable?

On our spas, you can control the air and water flow to each jet through controls by each seat, and you can also adjust many of the jets by hand, customizing the water pressure and massage to your exact specifications!  Real, beneficial hydrotherapy is directly related to being able to adjust each jet where it is needed. A common point of consumer confusion is introduced when manufacturers load up a spa with lots of inexpensive, non-adjustable, stationary jets. Number of jets is not important if they are not located and plumed for optimum performance.

How much should I spend on a spa?

Like buying a car or a house, you get what you pay for and it’s always a good idea to go with quality.  A high quality spa could last you 20 years, and be more than worth every penny!  Many less expensive spas have shorter warranties–and there is a reason for that.  Take into account your long range usage of the spa, as well as the things it may be saving you money on–with a top quality spa, your need for a chiropractor or professional massage may be totally reduced!

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