Sundance Spas VS Jacuzzi: A Comparison.

A lot of people know that Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi are basically sister companies at this point.  They are owned by the same company, which has benefited both.  Sundance still has a lot of upgrades that Jacuzzi doesn’t have, but Jacuzzi has been able to use some of the technology that Sundance pioneered, making both companies better through time.  So what is the difference?

I’ve made a chart below to help you compare the two different hot tub brands.  The two big things I’d like you to note:  Sundance has bearingless jets which means no moving parts to break down or wear out.  Sundance also has a more advanced filtration system, the only one FDA compliant and NSF approved.  Clean water=safe water.  It also means less money on sanitizing your water!

What is the difference between Sundance and Jacuzzi?
What is the difference between Sundance and Jacuzzi?
Jacuzzi Hot Tub
Sundance Spa - Chelsee


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