Importance of Proper Pool Chemistry

  The most often heard myth of owning a pool is that once opened, cleaned, and balanced, your pool should stay clear for the rest of the summer, right?! If it were that easy we here at CIPS we would … Continued

How do I clean my hot tub or spa?

We had a question from a customer recently asking for more details on a spa cleaning tablet, so I thought we would go ahead and give some overall guidelines and instructions on how to clean and drain your hot tub, … Continued

100 Reasons why your Pool Water might be Cloudy

100 Reasons for Cloudy Swimming Pool Water! (Original Post by Pool found here. <—)   Inconsistent swimming pool chlorination. This is probably the #1 reason. If you don”t keep enough chlorine in your pool ALL the time, you WILL … Continued

Cleaning with Enzymes: Natural Result

Remember how you spent a lot of time last summer either looking at those growing black scum lines around the edge of your pool water?  OR, how you spent a lot of time scrubbing at them?  Think of that gunk … Continued