Water Care

When it comes to taking care of you pool or spa we know it can sometimes be intimidating. That is why our team at Central Iowa Pool & Spa is dedicated to making your pool or spa experience as enjoyable as possible. Utilizing Bioguard (leaders in the industry) products and the ALEX computerized program developed by Bioguard, we are able to analyze your water and determine the correct dosage of product to keep you pool or spa sparkling. Our lab techs are required to attend formal training once a year and informal ongoing training as new products are released. We are also here to educate whoever would like to learn. Whether you would like to know more about different products that are available or how to more effectively maintain water chemistry, we have you covered.

We are open 7 days a week and offer free testing for our customers.

There are 3 main categories when it comes to sparkling clear water. They are Chemistry, Filtration, and Maintenance.

1.Chemistry: It might bring back memories of stressful high school test but pool water chemistry doesn’t have to be. There are 3 basic things we check for when we analyze pool water

Sanitizer– Usually chlorine but can be bromine or biguanide. This kills any bacteria in the water and makes it safe to swim in.

pH-This checks how acidic or basic the water is with 7.0 being neutral. Typically the pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6  Out of this range and the pool  water can be corrosive or cause cloudy water.

Total Alkalinity-This is like a shock absorber for the pH. This will take the big changes such as rain or heavy bather load  and allow the pH to stay in range.

2. Filtration: Filtration is the process of circulating the water and removing impurities that are in it such as dirt and debris.  This is typically done with a pump that pulls water from the pool, forces the water through a filter, usually sand or cartridge, and returns it back to the pool. Even if the pool chemistry is in balance, if your filtration is not adequate the pool will become cloudy.

3. Maintenance: Maintenance consists of brushing the side walls of the pool, skimming any floating debris in the pool, vacuuming dirt on the bottom of the pool, and oxidizing or “shocking” the pool. It also includes backwashing the sand filter or rinsing out the cartridge filter.