Pool Care

Central Iowa Pool & Spa carries a complete line of Bioguard water care products. Bioguard has been making pool care programs for over 40 years. Throughout those years they have learned from their past experiences and modified their programs to be the most effective, most innovative, and easiest to use programs in the industry.

Once -A-Week 3 Step Program with SilkGuard® Technology
1. Maintain a Proper level of chlorine with Silk Tabs or Silk Sticks (Sanitizes water and makes it softer)
2. Oxidize your pool with Smart Shock (Keeps water sparkling clear)
3. Add Back-Up Algicide (Helps prevent algae growth)

silkSticks-l[1] smartShock-l[1] backUp-m[1]




Softswim ABC System
1.Algicide added once a week (Helps prevent algae growth)
2. Check “B” Levels and adjust as needed (Sanitizes water)
3. Add 1 Gal “C” per 10K gallons once a month (Keeps water sparkling clear)

image_softswim_b[1] image_softswim_c[1]

Mineral Springs System
Used with a chlorine generator to produce a chlorine sanitizer:
1. Add proper dosage of Mineral Springs Beginnings (proprietary blend of minerals and ultra pure salt)
2. Add 1 bag of Renewal per 20K gal of water each week (balances pH and maintains crystal clear water)

image_ms_renewal[1] image_ms_beginings[1]