We Have the Best Hot Tubs in Iowa.

We have the best hot tubs in Iowa.

Best Hot Tub Dealer in IowaI say this, because I believe it, and I’ve seen it time and time again.

They are beautiful, have features unavailable anywhere else, deliver the BEST massage and hydrotherapy, are easy to take care of, easy to repair, and will out-last any other hot tub on the market. Best quality in a hot tub,  best filtration in a hot tub, best style in a hot tub, best jet technology in a hot tub, and the very best dealer and technician team in Iowa.

It sounds like hype.  I know what you’re thinking.  I’ve been in your shoes!  (Contrary to popular belief, none of us were born Sundance technicians or salespeople.)  We’ve worked on many, many different hot tub models and there are certain ones that are, simply, not worth working on!  Then there are those who are easy to work on and leave you feeling great about! 

If you want to see them compared side-by-side with some other brands like Hotspring Spas and Jacuzzi Spas, I have linked you to those posts.  There is a lot of information in those articles to show you the differences in brands.  I just want to talk about a few great points on Sundance Spas that make them the BEST HOT TUBS in Iowa, and also why WE are the BEST HOT TUB DEALER to buy from!

1.  Quality Assurance – There are 100 points of quality assurance that are checked over before these hot tubs leave the factory.  They are also filled with water, warmed up, and fully operated TWICE before they are ever shipped out.  This means that when they arrive at your door delivered by our technicians you will have a perfect spa that you don’t have to worry about.

2.  Bearingless technology.  Our jets have no bearings (moving parts) and therefore have no parts that will wear down or break.  For you, this means that the great massage you get on day one in your spa is the same one you’ll be receiving 10 years from now.  NO OTHER COMPANY HAS OUR BEARINGLESS JETS.   There are companies that have more jets than we do in their tubs, but that means you’ll have more jets to replace when they keep wearing down and breaking.  No one can beat us on jet quality. 

3.  Filtration!  It’s the heart and soul of your spa, and it WAY to often overlooked.  If you have a great filtration system, you’ll have clean, safe water that is easy to maintain.  A poor filtration system will leave you needing to add chemicals all the time, scrubbing scum rings off your tub, and draining/refilling much more often.  The Sundance Spas filtration system is the best out there right now, the ONLY one that is FDA approved and NSF certified.  You don’t have to know what that means, but you SHOULD know that it’s the best out there, and one of the MOST important components to a spa.  Like I said, it’s the heart and soul!  No one can beat us on filtration quality.

Optima Cameo hot tub stone

4.  Style and Beauty.  When you’re making an investment in something that you plan to spend a lot of time around, it’s a good idea to make sure you like how it LOOKS, too!  Sundance Spas come with the best style options around.  Classy and modern without being over the top or getting too….glitzy.  The synthetic sides come in great colors like Mahogany and Teak, and we also have a Terrastone siding that is striking.  Beautiful lit waterfall that can change into a babbling brook and isn’t just pretty–you can get a pretty good massage under it, too, and it’ll never splash you in the face!  LED lights always come standard and have a variety of colors.  Stainless steel covers on the jets also come standard and give the hot tub a great deal of class.  You can’t beat the functional style of the Sundance Hot Tubs. 

Now that you know a little bit about why I believe Sundance Spas are the BEST Hot Tubs in Iowa, I’m going to tell you about why Central Iowa Pool & Spa is the BEST hot tub dealer in Iowa.

1.  The Service Can’t Be Beat.  Whether you’re a new or returning customer, we’re dedicated to taking care of you.  During the process of finding the perfect hot tub, we try not to be “sales people.”  We want to be your consultant.  It’s not about just selling you the most expensive hot tub–it’s about finding which model is going to be the one you fall in love with and STAY in love with for the next 10 years.  When it comes to maintenance and repair, our certified technicians are there for you to not only keep you in wonderfully hot water and strong jet power, but also to explain how YOU can best maintain your hot tub.  We also do free water testing in-store to help you stay safe, healthy, and worry-free!

2.  We have been in business over 15 years.  That’s right.  That means we take good care of our customers, some of whom have been with us for 15 years!  It means we have the knowledge to help you and to keep your purchasing and owning experience simple and easy.  We can answer your questions, we can educate you, we can help you, or we can take care of any problems for you.  We are absolutely devoted to our customers.

3.  We don’t pack on sneaky extras.  When we do an invoice for you, or quote you a price on a new product, you’ll know exactly what it is going to cost you.  We include everything you’ll need–no sneaky add-ons later.  No extra service fees.  New Sundance Spas come with your cover, cover lifter, steps, etc.  Everything you need and want will be discussed up front, from color choices to which type of chemical you’d like to use for water care.  (It’s not just Chlorine and Bromine anymore!)

Thank you so much for being on our website and for reading this.  I welcome you and encourage you to check out the many other postings, to comment, to question, and to contact us!

Thank you!

Jen Allen Pool Service
Jen Allen
Central Iowa Pool & Spa

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