Which Brunswick pool table should I invest in?

You already know you want to purchase a Brunswick Pool Table, there’s no question there. Now to decide size, style, and placement in your home!

Choosing from these beautiful, elegant tables can be a tough decision. To start, you should consider where the table will be placed. Room size is a key factor in purchasing a table. You will need adequate room for the table, plus cue size to be able to play! If you are building a room just for the table the possibilities are endless, something else to consider in building a room for a table is the flooring. Carpet and hardwood will both work for any table, hardwood might be a better choice if ever the table needs to be moved you won’t have indents from the legs in the carpeting, but either will suffice! You might also want to consider the color of trim or maybe a bar being built or already existing. The tables come in a number of different colors of wood so maybe look around before choosing style and color. Space for playing and the room requirements for playing with a standard size cue are as follows:


  • Playing on a 7’ table (which is known as bar size) with a standard 58” cue requires a room 13’ x 16’.
  • Playing on an 8’ table with a standard 58” cue requires a room 13’6” x 17’.
  • Playing on a 9’ table (which is used more by professionals) with a standard 58” cue requires a room 14’ x 18’.

There are a variety of cue sizes ranging from 48”-61”. If you will be using a different size cue other than the standard 58” the link below will have more room sizes you can consider in making your decision!


Another factor in making your decision will be skill level. We get this question a lot. Why would I choose 7, 8 or 9’? Let me break it down for you!

A 7’ table is standard bar size, nothing wrong with it, in fact most people who have played have probably played on a 7’ at one time or another, and it is the size used most by amateur players. The pockets on a 7’ are going to be closer together with a playing surface of 76” x 38”. A downfall to this size is with the pockets being closer together it is easier to scratch, or slop, which might not be a huge problem if only playing for fun.

If your skill level is more advanced you might want to look at the 8’ tables. The 8’ is a little easier to play on when playing 8 or even 9 ball. An 8’ table will also help you work on your defense as you play these games against an opponent most of the time.

Now for the professionals a 9’ table is going to suit you a little better. 9’ tables require precise aim and stroke. The pockets of course are going to be farther apart, making long shots more difficult to sink.

Skill level really has a lot to do with your decision, if you want to just play around with your friends any size table will work, just be sure to keep in mind some of these differences!


If you have any more questions you can always email, call or even come into our showroom, we have a range of tables on display at all times!

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