Sundance VS Hotspring : a Chart to Guide your Way!

One of the most common questions I answer when a new customer comes into Central Iowa Pool & Spa to look at our Sundance Spas is “What is the difference between these hot tubs and what Hotsprings has for sale?”  It’s a great question, because there is a big difference!

Both hot tub companies are great and respected in the industry.  They both have their pros and cons.  Below I have made a chart that will outline a lot of these differences and similarities as I compare Sundance Spas and Hotspring Spas.

A Chart to Guide Your Way in Choosing your New Hot Tub.

Hot Spring Spa - Grandee
Sundance Spas - Optima

Any questions?  Comments?  We’d love to answer them!

Thank you,

–Jen Allen

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